Why Bright Octopus?

Bright Octopus

Why did we choose such a peculiar-looking animal to represent our marketing firm? It turns out that other than the odd looks, we have a lot in common.

Most people know that an octopus uses its eight tentacles to maneuver swiftly over multiple surfaces and extend its reach in new directions. But did you also know that an octopus is one of the smartest creatures in the sea and has excellent eyesight and three hearts? The octopus has also evolved to survive in an environment teeming with predators. Without bones to make it rigid, the octopus squeezes through tight spots when necessary. Plus, it can change the color of its skin to match its surroundings and can escape pursuing predators by squirting blinding clouds of ink.

We chose our company name partly because it’s important to be different and memorable. But we also happen to be bright people who offer eight octopus-like attributes:

The Brains

  • The Brains to solve vexing problems

Excellent Vision

  • Excellent Vision to detect emerging changes in the competitive landscape


  • Adaptability to evolve with online marketing and digital media

Lots of Heart

  • Lots of Heart for empathetic listening and well-crafted messages


  • Tenacity to overcome obstacles


  • Maneuverability to help extend your reach in different directions


  • Flexibility to meet tight deadlines and multiple tasks

Generating Ink

  • Generating Ink such as press coverage, ad copy, and custom-published books

So, if you have too many marketing ideas swimming around in your head and aren’t sure how to make them all work, call on the versatile team at Bright Octopus Marketing.


Who is bright octopus?

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